Arizona Summit Volleyball Club

COVID-19 Protocols

Arizona Summit Volleyball Club has a duty to keep our players, coaches, parents, volunteers, and members safe during our hosted or attended events. In light of the current state of health and safety precautions, Arizona Summit VBC plans to be cautious of these health hazards while still supplying a place for volleyball training, fun, and improvement. In order to keep everyone safe, we are requiring players and spectators to wear masks, requiring acceptable social distances of 6 feet, providing sanitation for players and coaches, requiring players to bring their own water, and wiping down and sanitizing equipment. Regardless of personal opinion, we ask that participants and members, attending any training session, respect the requests and guidelines made by Arizona Summit VBC.

1. When hosting an indoor event, Arizona Summit Volleyball Club and its participants will comply with the COVID-19 protocols of the building being used. Rules on face coverings, open hand contact, maximum capacity, and social distancing will be followed by all participants (coaches, players, and parents).

2. Players and spectators are required to wear a mask. If a person is spectating without a mask, they must keep a safe social distance of 6 feet from other parents, coaches, and players.

3. Players are not required to wear a mask during training. If a player or family feels more comfortable with their athlete wearing a mask during a training session, they are welcomed to do so.

4. All players must bring their own water. Avoiding any sharing with other players will help us keep each other safe. Bring plenty of water to all training sessions. 

5. Each training session will begin with all the volleyballs being wiped down and sanitized before use.

6. Coaches are required to wear a mask during training sessions. Limited contact with players,  while keeping 6 feet of distance between themselves, players, and other coaches.

7. Coaches will be equipped with hand sanitizer for themselves and for players to use during breaks from drills.

8. Open hand contact or body contact celebrations between players and coaches will not be permissible and limited by coaches running the training session. Volleyball is a game of excitement and celebration, so these habits will be hard to stop 100% of the time, but they will be limited or stopped if seen.

9. Volleyballs will be wiped down and sanitized at the end of every training session.

10. If a player has any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of smell, or chills) or is in close proximity of someone with these symptoms, please stay home and notify Arizona Summit VBC. A player may return once they are symptom-free for 10-14 days or have a negative COVID-19 test result.